Tomorrowland: Review


This is one of the anticipated movies of 2015 for me and my expectation is very high considering this is a Disney-produced movie. But as I watched the movie today, I was disappointed not with the story and plot but because of the pacing.

I was expecting too much for a feel good family movie like how Brad Bird captures the audience with The Incredibles but the movie did have a very redeeming story and plot and I admire Disney by using this movie as a vehicle in addressing the growing recent issues of economy, politics and nature but the way they tell the story is much too slow to a point where I almost fell asleep, well actually, my friend slept almost half of the movie. I got to a point when I questioned myself if it was the same movie on the trailer that I got excited watching over or did the Marketing Department of Disney deceive us by giving a different kind of trailer and bending it a bit. Remember Bridge to Terabithia?

The good quality of the film though is the visually entertaining as I am really drawn to the world where the great minds meet to build all things that they desire. It is where the dreams turn into reality. Then, Britt Robertson did a good job with her character as well as Raffey Cassidey (she reminded me of that robot in the 80’s TV sitcom Small Wonder) but seeing George Clooney in this kind of movie makes me wish they could’ve given it to a less stellar actor because his character isn’t really impressive and a forgettable one.

All in all, I will give 3 out of 5 stars. The film could have been great if they pacing was fast, they injected lots of action sequence and a bit of humor to give sleepy audiences a bit of energy until the end part. Too bad because the story has its richness and a lot of potential in terms of a long term goal of achieving a franchise. I think this is one of Disney’s forgettable films though this is part of Disneyland attraction.


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