And the new American Idol is…

And it was decided.

After a crazy performance night between the WGWG (White Guy with Guitar) versus the Asian Belter, 132 million Americans chose yet again another guy to win this year’s American Idol, Phillip Phillips. Or maybe the votes are kidney-related votes, kidding!

It’s been like 5 straight seasons ago when a girl emerges as the winner (cue, Jordin Sparks ‘Battlefield’). I remembered reading a reaction from Twitter for girls not to join the contest as the title will just be given to guys or quoting the tweet from @Idolblogs “America, where is the “Who run the world?” spirit?”

Going back to their performance, it seems like P Squared really got the edge on all three rounds including his coronation song, HOME which has Mumford-ish arrangement. I guess it is safe to say arrange the song or choose a song that fits to the American taste – COUNTRY SONG – and you’ll get the title. But not to be outdone, Jessica Soho, I mean Sanchez gave chilling renditions of I Have Nothing and The Prayer that made everyone stand. Albeit her good performances over the 2 rounds, her finale song, CHANGE NOTHING, was the turning point for her as she gave a not-so-impressive rendition of it and somehow raised the white flag in favour of P Squared.

All in all, it has been a great season for American Idol where it bounced it’s way back to the ratings game and got so much attention internationally especially to Filipinos who’s constantly been supportive throughout the season.


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