Korean TV Series over Philippine TV Series

Have you been hooked to any Korean TV series lately?

I hate the fact that I have recently been enthusiastic on watching Korean series but not to the extent of watching the entire list of TV series and keeping a thick line between this and reality. Naming the few that I’ve watched include 49 Days, City Hunter, The Moon Embracing the Sun, Roof Top Prince, The Equator Man, Dream High and King 2Hearts.


Sad to say, I am more inclined of watching Korean TV series now than patronizing Philippine teleseryes or any Pinoy TV shows/news due to the fact that it has been a sweet escape from all the negative reports that we have been seeing not just in politics but also in show business and in some way not elevating the viewers taste. Not to mention the fact that Pinoy teleseryes are just too typical nowadays unlike of course the plots set by Korean series which are at least and somehow unpredictable.

Korean series gives you direct, fast-paced plots (45-min, with 20-24 episodes per series) with convincing acting chops that will leave you with outburst of emotions. I’m also quite impressed about how imaginative they could get in terms of the twists and turns of every story/plot and how every new series brings something new and fresh unlike Pinoy teleseryes that writers will only give you stereotypes such as baby switching and other typical plots that make it too boring to watch. I wondered how teleserye writers only give us these kinds of plot while it is proven that Pinoys are indeed imaginative.

If you can trace some comments on twitter about typical Pinoy teleserye, I bet they too can agree that it Pinoy teleserye has become too tiresome and lacklustre. Who can blame the viewers if they want to watch foreign series over their own teleseryes? Unless, they can bring to the table some fresh and contemporary shows, soon our teleseryes will be dying as well just like our music and movie industries.

Would you agree?


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