25 Random Things about Me

It’s good to blog again. And for my first note to post, I will be detailing some random facts about me.

Here we go!

25. Facebook and Twitter addict

24. I’m into K-Pop lately but not entirely deviating myself to reality of listening to English songs.

23. I’m an avid fan of KOREAN TV SERIES.

22. I love watching animes, sci-fi and fantasy movies.

21. Got interested reading Management and Self Development books.

20. My hyperacidity attacks when I drink coffee, but I love COFFEE.

19. I love traveling to other countries (expenses-free).

18. Favorite cartoon character is Tom and Jerry.

17. I’m a hopelessly romantic guy.

16. Once, I made a poem for a girl named Janice and she liked it.

15. I’m an all-around guy, a Jack-of-all-trade and a master of none.

14. I had bronchitis when I was 13 y.o. and I thought I’m gonna die.

12. I was once diagnosed with Dengue Fever and Typhoid Fever at the same time and it was scary.

11. My favorite pastime is photography.

10. One of my bucket list is to go to France.

09. I love to cook spaghetti bolognese and sautéd ground meat.

08. I always update my iTunes.

07. My elementary days suck!!!

06. I’m a loser in sports (and I hate being one!)

05. I say what I mean and I mean what I say is my tagline.

04. I am inspired again to blog

03. I dance to the beat of Super Junior songs to lose weight.

02. I’m a die hard KAPAMILYA!!!

01. Music is my passion.


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